Heritage & Hope

Heritage & Hope is the endowment ministry of Montgomery Hills Baptist Church. Heritage & Hope celebrates the accomplishments of a century of witness, but is pointed toward the future, designed to make sure that for years to come there will be a vibrant church for the next generations.

Very simply, Heritage & Hope is an endowment fund, or really a set of funds, to which all of us are invited to give. As an endowment, the Heritage & Hope Fund will not be spent; it will be invested, so that income from that investment can produce resources for years to come. When you give to Heritage & Hope, you can have the confidence that, unless extreme circumstances occur, your gift will keep on giving in perpetuity.

Four funds will be set up:

  • The Property Fund, to be used for improvements to the existing church property or acquisition of additional property;
  • The Missions Fund, to be used for missionary tasks at home, across the nation, or around the world;
  • The Ministries Fund, to be used for human need ministries identified by the deacons;
  • The General Fund, for other opportunities that may arise and are agreed to by the church.

How can you invest in the future through gifts to a Heritage & Hope fund? A Legacy Gift is one that draws on the resources you will leave after your death. The simplest form of a Legacy Gift is a bequest in your will. It could be a stated amount of money; or a percentage of your estate; or the residue or your estate after other expenses and bequests are paid.

Our Endowment Committee can help you determine whether one of these approaches would have tax benefits for you.